Mary Kills People

Single mother Mary Harris is an ER doctor by day, but by night she and her partner, a former plastic surgeon, moonlight as underground angels of death who help terminally ill patients slip away on their own terms.
Release: 2017-04-23
IMDb: 7.4
Actors: Richard Short, Abigail Winter, Katie Douglas, Sebastien Roberts
Writers: Tara Armstrong
Countries: Canada
Runtime: 44 min
Seasons: 1
Season 2 ( 6 episodes )
Episode 6 (15 active links) Aired 2018-02-07
Episode 5 (15 active links) Aired 2018-01-31
Episode 4 (23 active links) Aired 2018-01-24
Episode 3 (15 active links) Aired 2018-01-17
Episode 2 (14 active links) Aired 2018-01-10
Episode 1 (50 active links) Aired 2018-01-03
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